Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Respect For Everyone

Respect for people, the environment, and society are an important part of Woman Feeling norms and values. By providing quality products at the best prices as a starting point, we hope to contribute to making the environment more sustainable. We deliberately only release products essential and do not participate in hypes or overproduction. With this long-term vision, we can provide products that you, your kids, and your pets can enjoy for a long time and that both the maker and the user can be proud of.

Our products carry social impact

The products we carry all have a social impact. Our products are Fairtrade, Fairchain, recycled, upcycled, vegan, cruelty-free, organic, or made from natural or organic materials with sustainable packaging. Moreover, they are made without child labor, under pleasant working conditions, and with fair wages from verified suppliers with whom we build partnerships with a long-term vision.

Limited Impact on the environment

Because the creative, commercial, and administrative team is housed under one roof, the impact on the environment is limited. We also try to minimize the impact on the environment in the rest of the production chain. That is why we have kept more than half of the production at one factory. Step by step, we try to integrate more ecological materials into the collection with every season of innovation.

We touch millions of lives

Our popular e-store touches millions of lives every day. By covering a wide range of prices and quality – from good to exceptionally excellent – we bring complete and balanced accessories within everyone’s reach.