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information security.
We have implemented technical and organizational measures to provide a level of security commensurate with the personal information risks we process. These measures are designed to maintain continuous integrity and protect the confidentiality of users’ personal information. We will periodically evaluate these measures to confirm that they continue to maintain and apply the appropriate level of security.
We provide mobile applications (often referred to as “apps”) that allow you to shop online, check product availability, learn about sales activities, or receive other information from us. All the information we collect through our mobile application is protected by this privacy policy. If you opt-in through our mobile application, you can share location information with us. Although you do not need to provide us with your location information to use our mobile application, our service requires a zip code to operate. If you have questions about location and notification privacy, please contact your mobile service provider or device manufacturer to learn how to adjust your settings.

This privacy policy applies to all current or previous customer information that we collect or provide to us.

These sites may provide links to other sites. If you visit one of these websites, you may need to check the privacy policy on that website. In addition, you may have visited our website through links or banner advertisements on other websites. In this case, the site you link to may collect information from the person who clicked on the banner or link. You may need to refer to the privacy policies on these websites to understand how they collect and use this information.

Payment is safe.
The payment gateway is the interface between the bank’s financial network system and the Internet network. It is a set of server equipment operated by banks, which converts data transmitted on the Internet into internal data of financial institutions, or designates a third party to process merchant payment information and customer payment instructions.
The payment gateway can ensure that the transaction is safely and seamlessly transmitted between the Internet user and the transaction processor, without modifying the original host system. It can handle all Internet payment protocols, Internet security protocols, transaction exchange, information and protocol conversion, and local authorization and settlement processing. In addition, it can be set to meet the requirements of a particular transaction processing system. Without a payment gateway, the electronic payment function of online banking cannot be realized.
All payments on the website are made through payment gateways, so please rest assured to pay, we guarantee all your information and payment security.


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