An Ultimate Guide: How to maintain wrinkle free skin with Facial Massage

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Want to know the secret answer to “How to maintain wrinkle free skin?” Or “How we can get rid of wrinkles while aging?” A simple answer to these questions is to follow a facial massage that suits you and your skin.

A facial massage is a moment of self-care. Take some time for yourself, to relax, take good care of your skin, and not have to think about anything else. But it is also something that is often forgotten! When it’s busy, it’s easy to forget that you also need time for yourself. But those are the moments when a facial massage can have the most benefits! Because besides being a very nice moment, facial massages have many physical and mental benefits. But what exactly?

1. Radiant, young-looking skin

A facial massage ensures radiant skin. It stimulates blood circulation, making your skin glow and you look younger. In addition, a facial massage ensures that waste products are removed faster, but it also stimulates the supply of nutrients! It also activates the oxygen absorption of the skin. All this ensures radiant, young-looking skin.

2. Fewer Wrinkles!

A facial massage is also perfect to prevent wrinkles. Tensed muscles make it harder for blood to flow through your skin. This can cause wrinkles. A facial massage can help relax those muscles, improving circulation and reducing the risk of wrinkles! But while relaxing the muscles, a facial massage also ensures that the muscles are strengthened. This gives you firmer, elastic skin.

3. Reducing Headaches

Relaxing the facial muscles can also reduce headaches. Tensioned muscles can also cause your scalp to feel tight, which can cause headaches. Because you take the time to relax the muscles in your face, the muscles on your scalp also relax. Especially in periods of stress, this can be a miracle cure for headaches.

4. Beautiful, soft skin

Delicious creams or massage oils are often used for facial massage. These also have many advantages! These products nourish the skin, which makes your face feel less dry and tight. As a result, you can suffer less from redness and imperfections on the skin.

5. Better product absorption

In addition to using products during a facial massage, there is a good chance that you often use a cream at home. By promoting blood circulation, a facial massage can ensure that the products are absorbed faster and better into the skin. This way you experience the optimal effects of the products you use at home.

Are facial massages healthy to maintain wrinkle free skin?

In addition to the obvious effects that a facial massage has on your appearance, it also has many benefits for your body. By paying some attention to your face from the outside, all kinds of nice things happen in the brain and in the skin. These are some examples;

1. The production of oxytocin

The touch that takes place during a facial massage releases the hormone oxytocin. This is also called the cuddle hormone! Oxytocin is known to counteract stress. It lowers blood pressure, lowers heart rate and makes you produce less adrenaline. As a result, you also sleep better. So many benefits!

But oxytocin does even more. It reduces pain and aids digestion. With prolonged use, it even ensures that you learn better and grow faster. But it mainly provides a feeling of relaxation, peace and connection. Besides that a facial massage ensures that the hug hormone is produced, it also ensures that the stress hormone cortisol decreases.

2. A better immune system

Because a massage ensures that waste products are removed faster, it also ensures that your body can absorb nutrients more quickly. This ensures that your immune system is improved and you have more energy. This can also ensure that your resistance is increased.

3. A positive mood

But perhaps the most important advantage is that you get a better mood through a massage. Because your stress is relieved and oxytocin is produced, you are happier and more energetic. It helps to balance your body and mind, reduces feelings of depression and mood swings. It also provides a better connection with others.

A facial massage, therefore, has countless advantages. By taking some time for yourself once in a while, you can enjoy all these benefits. Ultimately this will help with living a happier and more relaxed life. Plus, it’s also a lot of fun to do! So definitely worth it. Maybe as a nice day out with friends for example. Or as an activity during a mother-daughter day. A facial massage can benefit everyone!

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